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A painting I finished last night. (it was difficult taking a good picture so it’s sort of lopsided..)

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Sailor Moon Nayakosi stationary set

sold for 5,000 yen

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Your name is Kayla? What a beautiful name! >w<
Aww, thank you! In truth… I really don’t like the name… but I feel happy knowing someone else does, so i appreciate that <:)

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Was tagged by Elise to do the handwriting survey but um… I haven’t attempted to do any decent handwriting in what feels like years so this looks REALLY bad to me. I’m sorry. I tried omg

(as for tagging, I’m really bad at it so absolutely anyone who sees this and feels like filling it out was officially tagged by me so there you go)

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Dream Police by Cheap Trick

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this is like the coolest shot in the whole game with Mt. Itoi looming in the distance..

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@morrissigh said: This is so cool!!!

goodoldfashioned-lovergirl said: thIS IS AMAZING

azookara said: this is the cutest isht on the planet. seriously your style is amaaazing

progclown said: I thought this was a legit printed comic page of sailor moon.. it looks great!!

you guys are waaaaay too kind to me ;.; I appreciate it more than I can say!

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you can probably baaaarely tell what this even is but anyway, I was down to the last page of my sketchbook so I decided to do a fun exercise: redraw a comic page!! I chose page 136 from volume 2 of Sailor Moon (i’d show a comparison but you’ll notice how bad mine looks) and it was loads of fun! Give it a try sometime!

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happy 55th birthday Kate Bush ♥ ♥ 

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I love the art style of the manga you reblog. What are some shows you recommend I watch that have that style? This is from someone who hardly watches anime, but I love a great cartoon and interesting characters.

Oh, I’m flattered to be asked this! Well, Creamy Mami (the one I reblogged) is good! all 52 episodes are available with subtitles on Youtube last I checked, too. As for others…

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