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Cha&Beta in Tezuka world collabo (2013)

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Freddie Mercury performs topless while sitting on Superman’s shoulders, 1979.

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laundry cat


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Experiment IV (12” Mix) by Kate Bush

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*plays a terribly sad and moving melody that lasts 20 minutes* this is titled Tart of Farts part II and it's for you - Tony Banks


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wow…. I just got done reading Tezuka’s “Angel’s Hill” and i’m…. that was such a neat story with good characters and then he pulled a crappy ending on it with next to no closure or completion, just like he did with Dororo….. I’m disappointed. You can’t spend 600 pages engrossing your readers in a great story and then throw the ending aside like it doesn’t matter. The ending is as important a part of the story as everything else. It sucks too because I know tezuka can end stories well because he HAS, but it felt like he lost interest or something and threw it under the rug. I’m sad

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So this little gem came in the mail today!

The book that shows you how Ishinomori drew his characters and footnotes on all his character designs (and as well as the tools he used and the format of dialogue balloons in his works).

Also a much larger resolution of the characters earlier profiles, and of course a quick rough earlier version of Jet.

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I have to debunk stupid “BARBIE IS A BAD INFLUENCE ON GIRLS!!!” kind of junk fairly frequently, but the biggest point of all I feel like people miss is the fact that, for doll clothes, they’re either handmade or machine-made and, if you didn’t notice, it isn’t really feasible for clothes shrunk to that scale to be as thin as they would be realistically. nude barbies (and lots of other dolls for that matter) look WEIRD and have exaggerated proportions because they’re made with this in consideration… when the clothes are put on, the material is so thick it bunches up on the doll, which looks normal when the doll is dressed. Animators who create puppets for stop motion have to keep this in mind too…. you’d think it’d be basic information but i guess not

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finally, a pic of me i’m proud of

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If you get this, then I love you :3 but you also have to say 5 things publicly that you like about yourself, then send to 10 favorite followers :D

awww pfffff thank you Joe! You’re so kind!

I already filled this out once, so I’ll try to find 5 new things to say…

- I try my best to make sure everyone involved in my life feels important because they are important.
- If I see that someone isn’t feeling well i’ll do what I can to try cheering them up!
- Not really something reflecting anything about me as a person, but I’m really good at daydreaming. I have a very vivid imagination and can easily get lost in the details of imagining something for a long time.
- I think I’m a fairly positive person to be around.
- uhhhh already i’m running out of things to say haha. I can play some of the intro to genesis’s “firth of fifth” on the piano. I can’t believe I can’t come up with anything better for this one omg