Jul 6 2014 12:58 5 notes

hey!! what did you think of the new sailor moon so far?

Oh! I made a post briefly detailing some of my impressions from it but I will summarize it here:

- I like the very clean animation; it’s something that would look great on a big screen. Also, as much as I love the very pink-tinted look the original has, I like that this resembles the way Naoko colored her own illustrations.

- It’s extremely faithful to the first chapter of the manga; some of the dialogue is basically verbatim, and the pacing of it is the pretty much the same too. Of course, the original anime started out closer to the source material then deviated to do its own thing, so it’s definitely very similar to the first episode of the old one, but I can tell it’s going on a different path pretty soon.

- I actually think the 3D transformation sequence was quite tastefully done—I mean PreCure has been doing this for like a decade, so I don’t see why not. It was surprisingly un-awkward and exciting to see!

- The only thing I’m disappointed about is that Usagi makes less extreme faces (something very memorable about the original anime) but Naoko herself didn’t draw those terribly often, so that’s to be expected.

- There’s a greater element of mystery and beauty present here that I feel the original anime too often glossed over.

- It retains the fun campiness of the original and doesn’t take itself too seriously. there’s some laugh-out-loud funny moments!

- Mamoru is much more attractive somehow and not a dudebro in 90s shades and a green blazer (debatable whether that is an improvement or not)

I say give it a shot sometime if you’re interested! I think there’s only going to be 2 eps per month though ):

Jul 3 2014 16:43 3 notes

let's meet at the beach - babooshka, babooshka, babooshka-ya-ya

she’s there, waiting for me in the waves


Jul 1 2014 10:21 1 note

hi :3 i wanted to know if I could ask you a drawing of Roger and Freddie, if you have time and let me. Anyway, I really like your drawings, they are very cute! greetings ;)

Oh sure! idk when I’ll get to it but I ought to practice drawing Roger more anyway..

Jun 30 2014 21:58 3 notes

I'll be waiting in ny beach, my dear sausage - Freddie Mercury


Jun 28 2014 17:21 2 notes

i had a really good day! i just rested. i hope you had a good day too leirin!

I’m so glad to hear that! Resting is the best! lately whenever I’m down I just lie down for a few minutes and concentrate on the stuff that makes me happy… and it nearly always makes me feel better.

Jun 19 2014 19:08 2 notes

I sense something fishy going on here - a fish

I sense it too anon… and i’m thinking it’s a fish called wanda alex

Jun 18 2014 23:08 2 notes

I've successfully transplanted my brain to my butt - Dr. McAroni Bacon

Jun 14 2014 20:23 1 note

Would you be interested in an art trade? :3 What would you take in exchange for drawing Tommy Shaw as a magical girl?

I’m not sure how I can work out an art trade with you if I don’t know who you are, but sure, it sounds fun and I have no current obligations!! I am also 100% down to clown with drawing mr. Shaw as a magical girl :^o

May 26 2014 15:20 5 notes

let me be your baby - Freddie Mercury

May 18 2014 15:30 3 notes

*Andy's voice* You can tie me, toss me, upside or down, but I’m no hot dog's toy!

now you’re personally insulting me for my taste in men…… get outta here bucko